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3.0 August 2019

New Features:

  • Parent process path added to child execution events
  • Improved XProtect and Gatekeeper logs
  • Unified log hourly search and collection via user-defined predicates
  • Privacy database authorizations and changes are now logged
  • cmdReporter preferences and settings printed to log file on boot
  • /usr/local/bin/cmdReporter -D runtime flag to output debugging information to the terminal window.
  • Protections on cmdReporter configuration files
  • Improved process filtering, when a filtered process has child processes also filter those children.

Bug Fixes:

  • Misc. log event scheme bug fixes
  • Resolved timing issue when unspooling offline logs
  • AUDIO_VIDEO_DEVICE_EVENT optimizations
  • Certificate preference newline parsing issues when reading multiple certificates from a configuration file

New Log Event Types:

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