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Unified log results will be generated hourly from the search strings in the UnifiedLogPredicates preference key.

Each log entry returned by the search will be logged as a separate cmdReporter event. If a unified log search return 5 results cmdReporter will log each result as it's own

  "_event_score": 0,
  "event_attributes": {
    "activityIdentifier": 0,
    "backtrace": {
      "frames": [
          "imageOffset": 80300,
          "imageUUID": "EDF984BE-EB9B-3EB5-9152-C98253AF3DB8"
    "category": "AHP",
    "eventMessage": "Returning value 1",
    "eventType": "logEvent",
    "formatString": "Returning value %d",
    "machTimestamp": 99527207361119,
    "messageType": "Info",
    "parentActivityIdentifier": 0,
    "processID": 928,
    "processImagePath": "/System/Library/Frameworks/CryptoTokenKit.framework/ctkahp.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ctkahp",
    "processImageUUID": "EDF984BE-EB9B-3EB5-9152-C98253AF3DB8",
    "senderImagePath": "/System/Library/Frameworks/CryptoTokenKit.framework/ctkahp.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ctkahp",
    "senderImageUUID": "EDF984BE-EB9B-3EB5-9152-C98253AF3DB8",
    "senderProgramCounter": 80300,
    "source": null,
    "subsystem": "",
    "threadID": 1305857,
    "timestamp": "2019-10-15 13:57:31.053209-0400",
    "timezoneName": "",
    "traceID": 501033738567940
  "header": {
    "event_name": "UNIFIED_LOG_EVENT",
    "time_seconds_epoch": 1571163550
  "host_info": {
    "host_name": "Dan_macbook_pro",
    "host_uuid": "3F6E4B3A-9285-4E7E-9A0C-C3B62DC379DF",
    "osversion": "Version 10.15 (Build 19A582a)",
    "primary_mac_address": "38:f9:e8:15:5a:82",
    "serial_number": "C03XY889JHG3"

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