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These events are generated whenever cmdReporter is using more than 10% cpu or other performance ceilings to notify administrators that something may be incorrect with either macOS or cmdReporter on the reporting machine.

  "_event_score": 0,
  "app_metric_info": {
    "cpu_percentage": 11.130169827832235,
    "cpu_time_seconds": 1540.195786,
    "interrupt_wakeups": 4840,
    "platform_idle_wakeups": 2879,
    "resident_memory_size_mb": 40.32421875,
    "virtual_memory_size_mb": 62.96875
  "header": {
    "event_name": "APP_METRICS",
    "time_seconds_epoch": 1571164227
  "host_info": {
    "host_name": "Dan_macbook_pro",
    "host_uuid": "3F6E4B3A-9285-4E7E-9A0C-C3B62DC379DF",
    "osversion": "Version 10.15 (Build 19A582a)",
    "primary_mac_address": "38:f9:e8:15:5a:82",
    "serial_number": "C03XY889JHG3"

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