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Unified Log Collection

Unified Log Level Details

cmdReporter collects logs from the default and info level of unified logs. In macOS 10.14 and newer these logs are streamed in real-time and in 10.12-10.13 unified logs are collected on an hourly basis due to limitations of the macOS frameworks involved.

<private> Data in Logs

See this article for how to enable (show) private data in unified logs.

Preference Keys

The preference key UnifiedLogPredicates is an array of strings. Each string defines a search predicate that defines which unified log events will be collected and transmitted. Multiple searches can be defined but caution should be used to not overly impact system performance, a maximum of 5 searches is recommended.

  <string>(senderImagePath == "/usr/libexec/syspolicyd") &amp;&amp; ((formatString BEGINSWITH "GK") || (formatString LIKE "Gatekeeper"))</string>

Special Modifications to Predicate Searches

Unified log search syntax contains characters that are illegal in configuration profiles (xml). To prevent problems with the configuration profile there are 3 characters that need to be transformed into element markup per the table below.

CharacterSubstitution Text

For example:

The search 
senderImagePath == "/usr/libexec/syspolicyd") && ((formatString BEGINSWITH "GK")

Would become
senderImagePath == "/usr/libexec/syspolicyd") &amp;&amp; ((formatString BEGINSWITH "GK")

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