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Offline Log Spooling

Where logs are stored

  • Logs are spooled to /var/cmdreporter/remoteEndpointLogger
  • Spooled log files are not limited by the LogFileMax* preferences for retention times
  • Spooled log files do not respect the LogFilePermission or LogFileOwnership preferences
  • Any log files defined by LogFileLocation operate completely separately from the spooled logs.
    • Any spooled logs are also always written to this LogFileLocation (default: /var/log/cmdReporter.log).

When they are spooled

  • Logs are spooled as soon as an event is unable to send to the collection server
  • Spooled logs are retained indefinitely until connection has been restored

How spooled logs are unspooled

  • cmdReporter will periodically attempt to resend logs to an offline collection server until connection has been re-established.
  • Once a connection has been re-established logs will be sent in batches depending on the collection server connection method

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