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NIST 800-53r4 (high) controls met by using cmdReporter

cmdReporter meets or exceeds the requirements for each of the below controls for macOS computers.

Note AU-11(1) and AC-17(1) details about additional steps to meet compliance

  • AC-2 (4) Account management | automated audit actions

  • AC-2 (12)(a)(b) Account management | account monitoring / atypical usage

  • AC-6 (9) Least privilege | auditing use of privileged functions

  • AU-3 (2) Content of audit records | centralized management of planned audit record content

  • AU-4 (1) Audit storage capacity | transfer to alternate storage

  • AU-5 (2) Response to audit processing failures | real-time alerts

  • AU-7 (all) Audit reduction and report generation

  • AU-9(2) Audit backup on separate physical systems / components

  • AU-9(4) Access by subset of privileged users

  • AU-10 (1)(b) Provides the means for authorized individuals to determine the identity of the producer of the information.

  • AU-11(1) Long-term retrieval capability

    • Partial: cmdReporter makes meeting AU-11 much easier, but there are still non-macOS steps to take to meet.

  • AU-12 (all) Audit generation

  • AC-17 (1) The information system monitors and controls remote access methods.

    • Partial: audits, not controls. macOS natively controls remote access.

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